Jànos Carcota


E-Mail: carcota(at)karlarchitektur.de

So ein toll klingender Name! Spanisch? Bitte stellen Sie sich kurz vor!

My father is romanian and my mother is hungarian. My first name János is an international name (pronounced Janosch in german, it's identic with the german name Jan), my family name Carcota is a romanian name.

Was genau ist Ihre Aufgabe bei karlarchitektur?
I'm a draftsman. At the firm I'm working with the design part of some buildings, from the preliminary design until the final design. I do the floorplans, the elevations, the sections and I'm helping with the presentation of the buildings.

Gibt es ein Projekt, auf das Sie besonders stolz sind?
Yes, I'm proud of the Wohnanlage Wallerstein, this is the biggest work of mine and I'm very glad that I helped in creating a good home for several families.

Was ist das Besondere an karlarchitektur?
I worked alone in Romania (Siebenbürgen) before I came here. That's why the teamwork at karl architektur is very special and a quite new experience for me.

Worauf ich mich aktuell ganz besonders freue:

I'm glad to live in Gerolfingen with my girlfriend, that I have a good job and that my life is on the right way.